About Me (Story Hour): Bahahaha! Well, I knew that…

I just had to take a personality test as a part of something else that I have to do, and the results are hilariously accurate. IDK… I guess I’m predictable or just a textbook-accurate personality type.

The test breaks down your personality and then tells you how other people react to you basically. And it gives you the reasons someone might respond positively to you and why they might respond negatively.

Well, there’s this one section… and the ONLY negative thing listed in it is “People might think you’re ‘too good to be true’ while others might think that your altruism is a mask that you use to cover your own issues and ingratiate people to you.”

This is delightful and hilarious to me. For like… a million reasons:

  • So, one of my flaws is that people tend to think that I’m just too great to exist? I’m really attempting to see how that’s actually a bad thing. But, in actuality, it just boosts my ego. Woops. I’m honestly flattered. Hahaha
  • I HAVE NEVER UNDERSTOOD THIS INSTINCT IN PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!? I understand that some people pretend to be good people in order to gain people’s trust and stuff. I do. I’ve had that happen to me even! And, yes, it sucks a bunch! But like… I don’t understand why some people assume that being nice/compassionate makes someone untrustworthy???? Like… in that case, what is the logic used to determine if someone is trustworthy???
  • I also don’t understand why so many people think that having issues/being compassionate are mutually exclusive. A person can go through shit while having it impact their treatment of others. I mean, yes. Of course it is understandable when some people are more short-tempered or something when they’re going through their own stuff. Not everyone is great at separating the two things, and that’s fine. But like… someone can have their own issues and still be authentically compassionate without their compassion being a “mask.”
  • I do like when people think that my bubbliness is a power play, though. It isn’t. But when people think it is, they take me more seriously. :P

Fun fact, someone actually told me this nearly verbatim once. I laughed really hard. It was a guy from college (who I’m still super good friends with, btw). He sort of got closer with everyone else in my friend-group before he got close to me. I wasn’t too bothered or anything, but I was wondering if I’d offended him or something.

So, anyway, he eventually warms up to me and after we’d been friends FOR AGES (like over a year!) he says to me, “I have a confession.” And I was all “Oh no! What is he gonna say!?” in my head.

And he goes, “I’ve been feeling badly about this for awhile, and I want to get this off my chest. When we first met, I thought you were a bitch.” And I was like “???” And he was all, “Like…you didn’t do anything! I just kept thinking you would. Like… you never say anything bad about anybody. Ever! And I thought ‘Well, she must just be pretending to be this nice and say bad stuff about people behind their backs.’ But you didn’t. Like, ever.”

And I was all, “Why would I say bad stuff about my friends or people I don’t know????”

And he was like, “Yeah, I didn’t know people could be like that all the time.”

And I was all, “You mean…nice???”

And he was all, “Well… basically, yeah.”

And will-write-for-food was there and was laughing her ass off and was all, “No, she’s just like that.”

And he was all, “So, I guess that makes me the bitch. Sorry.”

And I was so confused and was like “BUT ISN’T THIS HOW PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THOUGH!?”

So yeah… FYI GUYS: I’m just nice, I guess???? I don’t know what else to tell you????